Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The irresistable EOG PROMOTION is back!

It has been 10 month since the last time EOG had it's Special Promotion. For my valued clients and folllowers who have been asking me about the promotion, many apologize from the bottom of my heart for not being able to offer so many promotions in a year because of the tight schedule I had plus personally for me, promotion means a special gift I'll be given to you.. therefore, I need time and plan to think about a special way to give the gift to my beloved ones that is YOU! (plus kalau selalu2 sgt takut dah tak special pulak jadinya... hehehhe) Anyhow, I really appreciate your concern and interest in having our service, thank you very much to those who are never stop waiting for us to make another promotions from time to time. Millions of thanks for your continuous support all this while.. I'll never forget that.

Now.. dear ladies and gentlemen, this is what you've been waiting for. Eyes of Grace will be having a special END YEAR PROMOTION this coming November. Due to the overwhelmed responses we normally get from our previous promotions, this time we'll be offering quite no. of slots to be filled in and as promised before, the priority will be given to EOG Fan Club members. For those who haven't got the chances and time to sign up before, please do so now at http://eyesofgrace.123guestbook.com/

I'll be announcing the detail of the PROMOTION anytime soon. Please keep your eyes on this blog and visit regularly to make sure that you won't missed it this time. To make it more interesting, I'll give you a hint/clue here ;-). Check & free your schedule on 21st & 22nd Nov 09 if you'd like to book the slot. This is the the cheapest and most affordable promotion that EOG ever had! *wink wink*

note : the slots is not open now. pls wait for the announcement to come. Thank you!

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