Tuesday, October 27, 2009

One day at the blue & yellow building.

Some more photos of Arlia at the famous " yellow & blue building". Her 4th session with EOG makes it complete for her 1st year Baby Documentary Package. I watched her grow since she was inside her mom's tummy, then when she started to crawl, sit and stand, until now she can walk, run and climb! heheehehhe.. This stages will be presented beautifully in an album and I hope in the future, when Arlia begun to understand, those photos will remind her of her early childhood and will appreciate the loves and cares that she received from everyones around her especially her mom and family.

Personally, each pictures I documented for her has a sentimental-attach with me because I know her mom since we were young... waktu belasan tahun lagi.. (well... we are still young now.. hihihi cuma sudah ber angka '3' kat depan umur )

Auntie loves you, Arlia! Be good as always!

To the family, a BIG THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

Her 1st session:
Can you spot where Arlia was this time? hehehhe

Her 2nd session :
She was just 5 days living in this world.

Her 3rd session:
She was able to sit and stand steadily with style hehhehe

and... look at her now! She is one active young lady now :-)

alolololo cik Arlia nak gi mana tu? naik escalator sorang2.. nak gi shopping keee??

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