Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Clients Guide.

I just make a guideline for the clients on what to expect during the session, clothing, props to bring, etc. Please take a moment to read it here as it is important in order to help you to get the ideas on how I work, my style and to let you to be prepared and have a good plan for your upcoming portrait session.

When you are planning to have a photoshoot for your children / family done by a professional, it is important for you to know on how the photographer's approach and style; are they suit with you or your family lifestyle. Is it how you want your family to be captured. Do you want a traditional or modern approach. That are the elements that you have to look at before making a decision because each photographer is unique.

I hope the guideline is helpful not only to my client, but also to those who are still finding their right photographer for their family. :-)

Do not hesitate to give me any feedback by leaving comments in the comment box.

Till then.


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