Friday, January 1, 2010

Importance Notes and Guide for Photo-shooting Session

Zubye works with 100% natural light for all portrait photo shoots. Natural light is her inspiration and she admires it for its beauty. Her photography approach is "relax and casual". Her goal is to capture images of you as you are. She always strive to capture unique and soulful images of your children / family. Your child's natural actions and movements, personality, their expression, emotion and mood are the main elements of her focus. She loves the sincerity and honesty of the child's heart, which can be seen through their eyes, and she believes that they play important parts to form priceless and meaningful image. She also loves to have a direct eye-contact with her subject. "EYES are the getaway to the SOUL". Therefore, it is important for her for the children and family to just relax and to be their natural selves during a photo shoot session. The more relaxed and happy you are as you enter a session, the better it would all work for everyone. Zubye does not have any specific rules / expectations, but she will make sure that in the end you will be happy and amazed with the beautiful portraits & memories you will have; the ones that you will treasure for many years from now.

Clothing: The outfit colour selection highly depends on your photo theme selection... For children, she personally recommend bright or vibrant coloured outfit to inject energetic mood to the photos. However, if you prefer pastel and sweet colours such as white, soft pink, soft blue and etc, they are also acceptable. NEVERTHELESS, please try to avoid clothing with large logos, or stripes, as they often distract/overshadow the child in the photos. For family, although it is not necessary, resembling tone coloured outfits are highly recommended.

Props: Zubye normally brings her props only to shoot newborns. For outdoor portrait, you are encouraged to bring your own props such as your children's favorite toys, blanket, or something that is very attached to your child, or you can also bring something that could give a sentimental or certain value to you and your children. BUT not too many of them, as the main subject here is your child / family. The props should be used just to add story to the photograph.

Please take enough rest prior to a session. Make sure everyone has taken their meals (breakfast / lunch - depending on your session) before a session. Please do not forget to bring some drinks and maybe some snacks as the children or even adult may need this during the session.

For a child's individual portrait, Zubye prefer to work one-on-one with them, with the parent off to one side. The main reason is so that the child could establish a special connection / bond / trust with her without having them being controlled by parent(s), who would normally try to make sure their children behave in certain behavior: such as not to exhibit their funny smiles, their little quirks and so on. In her experience, when the children are separated from their parents this expressions rarely occur and better photographs can be captured. At the same time, the parents are able to relax and watch their children having fun.

Please, please, please do not force your children to pose or smile at the camera as they would in return fake a smile/pose. It is absolutely okay if they do not want to pose or smile, and it is completely fine too if they do not show any interest to what is happening around them - as long as they can be themselves. "Let the children be children". Let them explore everything around them. To Zubye, every children is special. She has her own ways with little ones; she has never failed to charm her way into their heart. More than often, the children would get very comfortable with her in no time and they would be more than happy to look at her in the eyes
. Zubye treats your children as her friends. During the session, you will find her chasing your children, play hide and seek with them, rolling on the grass with them or even help them to change their cloth. In Zubye's sessions, your children will have freedom to run, jump and play as much as they like. While the rest, let her capture them in their most natural ways.

For family portrait, Zubye's aim is to capture the bonding, connection and relationship between the children and the parent(s). So just relax and enjoy the moments you spend with your loved ones.

At the beginning of a session, Zubye will usually have an 'ice breaking' session with your children to make them feel comfortable with her. She will start to photograph them along the way. DO expect that a session may last about 1 to 2 hours, depending on the child's mood at that time. If they still have the energy to be photographed, and still happy or having fun, the session continues. On the other hand, if they begin to get cranky, moody or restless, it would be a sign for us to end the session and to let them have a rest. :-)

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