Monday, January 18, 2010

Sharing is Caring

A friend of mine write this in her blog. I think it's really nice to share it with my other friends here too. A very beautiful write up and good for our soul :-). Take your time reading it. It maybe quite long but trust me, it really2 worth reading. Hope you get something from it :-)

Life isn't tied with a Bow but it's still a GIFT.

In a blink it is already 13th of January of 2010,nearly half month of the first month of 2010 is gone!! Past leaving so fast,future coming faster and faster,everytime you open your eyes your today is already yesterday.Time now is so precious,hopefully we can manage it well, hopefully yesterday will be a sweet yesterday and a bitter yesterday will be a lesson to grow stronger.

Well it is not easy as it said isn't it? sometimes small thing can make us feel miserable,our feeling and our emotion: most of the time rules our head or life.. that is so normal.What we need is our inner "superwoman' to knock this 'naughty" emotion..again, it is not that easy:)

A friend came and told me that she feels miserable the whole week because she bumped into an ex boss at a wedding, this guy is not just an ex boss,they used to know each other well, my friend was excited to see him and took all the effort to say 'hi', unfortunatley this ex boss turned his head away and ignored her..that makes her feel miserable, not for a day but for the rest of the week.

Different people deal with bad day differently, bad hair can cause a mood swing to somebody but somebody else can have a happy face while their love one battle with cancer etc.People can be mean,we do not know what is inside their heads,sometimes bad thing can happen to us,as much as we try to control,it still isn't fair but it's still good ..why? because Allah swt is always fair..that is for sure.

A friend also said ' why can't my life be as happy as Miss A, why is it so simple to others and so difficult to me? I am not asking much,i ve been doing all the good things,Miss A on the other hand got all that she wants". My advice- Don't compare your life to others you have no idea what their journey is all about.Sometimes you do not know what they had sacrified in life to achieve whatever they have today, you might not be willing to do the same sacrifices.

Nobody is in charge of your happiness but you, no matter how good or bad the situation is, it will change- because of that be patient, when you are surrounded with all the good things,don't be sombong don't walk pride and "riak" it won't last and when bad thing happened to you be patient as it won't last either.Time heals almost everything,give time and time.

Nobody can change our life except us, if you don't feel good about anything,go out and change it,there's always solutions.If you feel you need to loose weight and that will make you feel good,by all means, do it, set your goal,be focus. If you want to climb from A to B, work your way to it- the only thing to remember in doing it and in working to achieve your goal do not step on other people, don't back stab,don't sell your soul to the devil just because you want to achive your goal as if you do all those you will never have peace inside you,you ll be haunted all your life.

Be sincere to yourself,make peace with inner feeling..if after you have done everything that you can you still couldn't get what you wanted,it is because Allah Swt have other plans for you- we are just human we can never see future.With that have a peaceful mind,have a pure heart,love yourself and spread love to all.

* thanks and credit to Azu; Mama Tia Mia for this wonderful article.

Betul kata2nya itu. Dan pada saya, Bahagia itu sebenarnya memang sudah ada dalam hati setiap manusia.. terpulang kepada setiap dari kita untuk mentafsir dan membelai bahagia itu. Kita tidak perlu tunggu segalanya cukup baru kita dapat rasa bahagia.

Sekiranya kita single, tidak perlu tunggu berkahwin baru ingin rasa bahagia.

Sekiranya kita sudah berkahwin, tidak perlu tunggu ada anak baru kita mau rasa bahagia.

Sekiranya kita sudah ada seorang anak, tidak perlu tunggu ada ramai anak baru boleh rasa bahagia.

Sekiranya sekarang kita duduk di rumah flat, tidak perlu tunggu ada rumah besar baru kita mampu rasa bahagia.

Sekiranya kita hanya punya motosikal, tidak perlu tunggu kita mampu memiliki kereta baru ingin rasa bahagia.

Sekiranya kita hari2 sibuk bekerja, tidak perlu tunggu weekend baru dapat bermesra bersama keluarga untuk rasa bahagia.

Bahagia bukan suatu yang kita perlu cari. Ia sudah sememangnya ada dalam hati. Belailah rasa bahagia yang memang telah Tuhan kurniakan dalam hati kita sejak azali lagi. Bersyukur dengan apa yang kita ada. Tidak salah mempunyai cita2 besar dan kemahuan yang tinggi dalam hidup. Berusahalah. Tetapi jangan sampai kemahuan dan kehendak kita itu menyebabkan kiter terlupa untuk bersyukur dengan apa yang telah kita ada. Kerana SYUKUR itulah punca utama segala kebahagiaan.

Jangan sesekali membeza2 dan membanding-bandingkan nasib kita dengan orang lain. Kita tidak tahu keperitan dan kemanisan yang mereka lalui untuk mencapai apa yang telah mereka perolehi sekarang. Dan kita juga tidak tahu apa akan jadi pada masa akan datang. Sucikan hati. Kita mungkin kurang dalam satu perkara, tetapi Tuhan lebihkan kita pada suatu perkara yang lain. Itu sudah pasti.

Kita tidak tahu bila kita akan menghela nafas terakhir. Jadi berlaku baiklah kepada diri sendiri dan sentiasa berbuat baik kepada orang di sekeliling kita. Jangan disimpan dendam dan amarah. Buka hati untuk memaafkan sesama manusia. Setiap orang ada kelemahan. Setiap orang membuat silap, tetapi letakkanlah kebaikan mereka sebagai perkara utama untuk kita kenang dan bukan kesalahan dan kelemahan mereka. Sudah pasti hati kita akan tenang :-)

Lapangkan dada dan Bersyukurlah! :-)

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