Friday, November 12, 2010

Sunshine after the rain | Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Babies Photographer

Good day to all.
It's raining. A cold day to start with :-). Hope this 'Sunshine' will brighten and cheer up your day!

Thanks to Chee and family for this opportunity and for being very supportive and helpful during the session. And Xuan, it was lovely seeing her enjoyed the session as much as we did!

And last but not least to two important guys in my life for making my ideas become a reality... Thanks for the new prop! A white fence made with love ;-). Love love it so much!! xoxo.

oh.. someone just asked me at FB where did I get the white fence. Yes.. my Hubby made it for me :-). We saw one (not exactly like this) at a shop while looking for new props .. smaller.. but it is too expensive to buy. Then Hubby said.. he can make it if I want. So I let him.. Not bad for a first timer kan.. hehhehe. Of course I love his version more :-) I thank him very much for his effort and to my son too for helping his Abah paint it white. :-) Now, he's been thinking to make another props.. white bench.. white box.. white stool.. all the white items.. hehhehhe... InsyaAllah.. :-))

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