Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Prince & Princesses of Oceana | Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Children Photographer

These girls are very lucky to have a mom who can design, sew and made the dress, costumes & outfit just like what they dream. This mermaid dresses were designed to perfect Arisha's (the eldest one) 7th Birthday Party theme that was held 2 weeks ago. Sadly, we couldn't attend the party due to my work commitment :-( but I'm very sure they had a blast.

Weeks before the party, the mom told me how excited she was in designing those costumes and we planned to have an outdoor portrait for them wearing it...but not before the party because she wanted to make a surprise :-) We were soo excited and eagerly sharing our stories and ideas for the session.

And the day had come.. We were very happy that everything worked as planned. Mom put so much effort on the set up ( I always love it when parents do that ). The kids having a good time with each other, playing bubbles and all, and feel very glad to be the mermaids and prince of that day.. and I had a great time photographing them; with a smile in my heart. I know I love what I am doing. Grateful it is :-)

** mom & talent : The mermaid's costumes & prince's cape are by Shikin from GirlCharms Boutique.

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