Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Raeya's Naming Ceremony | Kuala Lumpur Malaysia event Photographer

Oh~~ Finally I managed to update the full entry of an event I've covered in December last year. :-) It was a lovely event,special dedicated to welcome a new member in the family. Raeya, what a beautiful name you have. Welcome to this world my dear. Hope these photographs will be the one that you will cherish one day, and hopefully it will remind you of how lucky you are to have such a beautiful & loving family.

It was actually my second experience working with this family. The 1st one was a Birthday party for their 1st son which i didn't have a chance to update the photos in here. Very sorry for that. So now my dear Vanthini, here is one blog post special for you and family.. and it's a huge one! hope you'll love it! I'm really looking forward to meeting and capturing your family again this weekend. Yes this Saturday! See you soon!

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