Monday, February 21, 2011

Eyes is the getaway to the soul | Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Baby Photographer

I am super excited to share the pictures of 2 adorable twins I photographed in our humble studio last week. But at this moment, with this little times I had, I can only share you with the picture of one of them. Aidan.

I'd like to summarize what i've been planning for for EOG Studio Portrait. Something that i dream of since long time ago. Oh by the way, our studio is just a natural light studio. So, yes, we are relying 100% on the natural light coming from our big big window. Oh~~ I'm loving the lighting here :-)

Our studio portraiture concept is Timeless & Simple. With minimum use of props/costumes and with just a simple background, we strive to capture the true emotions and feelings of the children which is very hard to create. Our aim is to create a beautiful emotive portraits of your child. Truly thoughtful, full of expressions, yet truly timeless. :-)

I really hope this single photo will tell you everything.. (because i'm not good in words :-))

Till next time. Hopefully with moreee pictures!


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