Friday, May 27, 2011

Slice of Life : Photo a Day : Day 7

A photo a day of my son. That is what the project is.

Day 7 .
26 May 2011.

One of my favourite :-)

He and his 'airplane'.

The plane that he creates by himself using the Lego creator.

His new favourite toys at this moment.

And I like the quote above :-)

Okay okay.. I know this is 'A photo a day' project.. but.. but.. can I just share one more? because the plane is not too visible in the photo above and because.. because I just can't help myself from showing you thissss.... my innocent boy proudly hold his newly created 'plane' and he is hiding behind the curtain :-)))

Till 'Day 8'.

Waittt!!! What? Day 8? It's finally a week I've been doing this project! Syabas to me!! :-)))


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