Friday, June 10, 2011

Slice of Life : Photo a Day : Day 12

A photo a day of my son. That is what the project is.

Day 12
31 May 2011

Lightning Mc Queen : I'm a very famous race car!

Luigi : You are famous race car? A real race car?

Lightning Mc Queen : Yes, I'm a real race car, what do you think? Look at me.

Luigi : I have followed racing my entire life, my whole life!

Lightning Mc Queen : Then you know who I am. I am Lightning McQueen.

Luigi : Lightning McQueen!

Lightning Mc Queen : Yes! Yes!

Luigi : I must scream it to the world, my excitement from the top of someplace very high. Do you know many Ferraris?

Lightning Mc Queen : No, no, no, they race on the European circuit; I'm in the Piston cup.

[Luigi and Guido frown at McQueen]

Lightning Mc Queen : What?

Luigi : Luigi follow only the Ferraris.


Remember those dialogs? He watched the DVD like hundreds of time.. and wowwweee!!! We seriously couldn't wait for CARS 2!!!

Till Day 13.


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