Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A sweet surprise | Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Family Photographer

At the moment they look at these photographs, they are already back to their home town in Oman. I'm very honoured to be given the opportunity to capture them as a family on the final days they were here, in Malaysia. They are leaving me with this sweet, sweet memories that will remains forever, here in my heart. Even though I'm so sad about us being apart, but I'm very thankful and feel so bless that Allah has granted me with this meaningful relationship with this family. I know this is not going to be the end of it, but it is just the beginning of a friendship that will grow with time insyaAllah.

I miss the two little girls, their giggles and laughter and those cheeky smiles... and the mom.. oh the mom is so so sweet, very nice and so humble despite of her title as an Omani Royalty, she is a very simple person and the way she carries herself, made me feel as if we've known each others for years. One thing I still remember when she said.. "They are no differences between us the human. Regardless of whatever title or status you have in this world, at the end of the time, we all will return to Allah The Almighty." Masha Allah, what a beautiful soul she has. Being with her, looking at the way she smiles, the way she speaks, the way she shares her opinions, made me feel closer to our Creator. Alhamdulillah.

What I love about photographing family is that I have the opportunity to be a part of the family, capturing the priceless bonding and connections, their happiness, laughter and pride, their eyes adoring each other, the sincerity of their hearts, and there is just so so much love that words cannot describe! Those feeling are absorbed into my heart and they've made me appreciate my family more. They make me value my every single time with my own family more, be grateful with my husband and kid who are always with me for all these time. Be thankful and appreciate the way my family and I live now.

Dear Mayya,

I hope these photographs will remind you of your beautiful life you've had here, in Malaysia. I hope it will become the treasure of your life, of your children, one that will remain forever in your heart for the rest of the time.

Once again, I can't thank you enough for the trust you have in me, to be given such opportunity, words cannot describe on how grateful I am to know you and family. The moments that will be remembered forever. May Allah bless you with happiness and success always in everything that you do. Till we meet again. InsyaAllah.

To all viewers, Thank you for taking your time viewing my blog.

Till then,

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