Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sweetha darling... | Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Newborn Photographer

It's been a while since I last blog about newborn session here This session is the last newborn photoshoot for our 2011 which was taken in December last year.. It begins and ends very well :-). I know I really want to blog about her since the 1st time I met her.

A mix baby of Indian & Australian, she is everyones sweetheart of the family since she is the first granddaughter from her mom's side. My husband and I had so much pleasure working with this most co-operative newborn ever! We were in every photographer's dream when she just sleep tru the entire session! and just wake up three times for feeding. After every burping session, she was ready again to be photographed. Everytime my husband doing her poses.. everytime I click the shutter.. everytime I see her smile in that very peaceful moment.. that moment.. yeah i remember.. ~~~ahhh~~ there's no words can describe :-)

She is a baby with the most sweetest name; Sweetha :-)

Sweetha and her family we'll be back home in Australia this coming March. I'm going to miss her for sure. But daddy ensure me that they will be in Malaysia again end of this year, and if everything is well as planned, maybe we will have the chance to meet her again on her 1st birthday. I'm so looking forward for it :-)

Sweetha, I wish you all the very best things in the world for you. Knowing you is one of the best memorable moment for me and my hubby. We will be right here waiting for you and just couldn't wait to see how much you grow :-)

on the other note : We received quite a numbers of request for newborn photoshoot this year. Alhamdulillah, and thank you for your trust. I would like to advice everyone who want to plan for a newborn session, you are adviced to book earlier like 2 or 3 months before mom's due date. Most of clients and those who have been asking us about newborn session would love me to photograph their baby in those artistic shots, and it is important for you to know that such shots can only be achieved for newborn age 14 days and below. Thus, an early confirmation of the booking is needed if you wish your baby to photographed in those artistic poses. However, I can also accept request for baby that is older, but I have to mentioned here the poses maybe quite limited and for the older babies, we normally trying to achieve more shots of baby and parents / siblings bonding. we thank you for your interest in booking session with us.. and we are looking forward for more newborns this year insyaAllah.

**Much Love**

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