Monday, April 23, 2012

I am taking a break.

I want to have a break. Yes you heard me right. A break. A.two.months.long.break. from taking any photoshoot appointments in month June, July or perhaps until middle of August 2012. There are soooo many things I've planned during the break :

1- To have an ample time to finish-up the proofing & post-processing the images and orders for all current and existing photography works. [They are a lot of it, plus the upcoming jobs in May].

2- To venture into a personal project I've been dreaming of since day 1st of this year, but I kept postponing it due to my pack schedule since January. I told myself, please do not postpone it anymore. I MUST find time to execute the ideas :-). And this is the perfect time for me InsyaAllah.

3- To nurture myself and to spend much times with my family.

... and many more plans. I will share with you from time to time about this in EOG FB updates insyaAllah. 

I would like to thank all of you who have sent me email asking me for sessions in June - July (mostly).Unfortunately, I'm not taking any new appointments except for the clients who have confirmed their bookings earlier this year. I'm the photographer who is very hard to say no for a request, but for this time, I would like to say sorry to all and many apologize for not being able to accept bookings in June and July (perhaps in August too). I will be back in accepting bookings for photoshoot in September onwards insyaAllah.

Therefore, to appreciate all of you out there, especially to those who have planned to have a session with EOG, I would like to offer you A SPECIAL PACKAGE for our Studio Photoshoot :

{ for limited time only }

RM 255

One hour Studio Photoshoot session with Zubye.
Minimum 100 pieces softcopy of images in a CD - All Unedited Images.

Offer valid for photoshoot on Sunday 29th APRIL 2012 and Tuesday 1st MAY 2012.
Available for 4 (four) slots only!

Please take note that this offer is for shoot and burn only (without editing). I'm sorry if this is such a short notice to all, but there are the only available dates I have.

Please call me at 019-3161175 or email me at for booking.

Last but not least THANK YOU VERY MUCH to all clients and to all of you who have been following my works and to all the supports you give.

I am eternally grateful.

Till next entry.

Much love,

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