Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Little V | Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Newborn Photographer

Here's V.
One Germany little baby :-)

Oh dear ~~ Have I told you how much I love my job?
Yes I do.. so much. and this is the reason why..
Witnessing and capturing the moments that feed my soul for a lifetime. And I hope it feed yours too.

I photograhed Little V in July last year, and yesterday I received another email from her mom and she showed me the latest photo of V. It is really lovely to see how much this girl has grown up.. and I just couldn't wait to see her again soon.. yes.. very soon :-)

I have more of her beautiful photos taken on that day actually and God knows how much I wanted to share them all.. but oh dear.. these are the only images i'm able to share at this moment. Time.. where have you been?  *sigh* Hopefully  I will get to share the growing up pictures of her soon! ;-)


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