Saturday, September 21, 2013

So much love | Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

I can't think of any other words to describe about this session but LOVE.
The unconditional love everyone have for this sweet new blossom in the family.
So much love to give.
So much love to show.
How blessed, happy and thankful they are to have this little sunshine to cuddle, to hug, to kiss and to be loved forever.

Dear Sweety, one day, you'll look at all these photos, and you'll know how much you are loved.
Baby, I hope you know.. you got so much love for you :-)

Dear beloved viewers, if you're noticing some 'difference' in our newborn portraiture this time, thank you :-) 

You are right, we want to introduce you our new concept in Newborn Photography, which we call it as "Newborn Lifestyle Photography". The aim of this newborn portraiture concept is to create a bit more casual, simple approach with the intention to capture more natural images of the baby, parents & family in their home. In this concept, the best valuable memory you can have is that you can see how everyone in the family welcoming the new bundle of joy in their house. The excitement, amazement, bonding, and the love they have for this little sunshine, where I believe this will be the kind of images the baby will cherish for more years to come.

Plus, now, our clients will have more options to choose for their newborn portrait session :-)

Till next time,

Zubye. ( oh~~ btw, i'm a lady. i received some emails & comment address me as Tuan/Sir. hehhehe)

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