Monday, December 23, 2013

Happy Birthday Paloma!

Paloma and her family are more than clients to me. A good friendship is built since the first day I met her mom, that was when she still carrying Paloma in her tummy. We had 2 sessions of maternity portrait and with the trust she's given us, we had a privilege to photograph Paloma when she was 8 days young. That was the first time I hold her in my arms. 

I feel so grateful that I have the opportunity to see her growing up and when she was almost 9 months, we met again for their family portrait in KL last August. (opppsieee! I hope I will got the chance to share that session here soon).

Time flies. Last year in December, we went to her house in Perak to photograph her newborn. And this year we had an honor to be invited again to their house to celebrate and photograph her 1st birthday party; definitely one of the meaningful moment to remember. She was surrounded with all the love she got around her, from her proud parents, her family that coming all the way from Brazil, and their family friends. We felt so happy to be part of the party as well.

I still don't get the time to browse each single photos I took that day (of course I shoot too many of them!), but here are some of my favorites :-)

Happy Birthday again Paloma! May your life will be filled with love and happiness always!

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