Friday, January 16, 2015

week 2/52 | what makes you smile

Losing is painful. Imagine the pain that this boy had to endure when we lost not one but three of our beloved kittens that we treat as our own family, in less than four days. He was the one who witnessed their birth, getting all excited looking after them everyday, and sadly in front of his eyes he watched them sick, dying and struggle for life. He tried his best to offer his helping hands to safe them, but suddenly they were all gone. Drastically. Forever. And with his both hands, he buried them saying goodbye for the last time. 

You know that time was not easy for three of us. So what actually has made me smile? I smile watching him getting back on his feet again days after the incident ready to explore the adventures around him. With a strong willed he tried his best to embrace life with a pure joy in his heart. I smile because from his eyes, I could see how strong he was trying to hide his sadness - just because he didn't want me to be worried about him much. I smile because there was one day when I cried so hard, he reminded me "It's ok Mama. At least they are no longer in pain. I know they are in a good place now." Every soothing words he uttered after the tragic lost has made me smile, because I know my son is going to be ok. We both have faith that Allah will replace this sadness with something better in the future. We believe that. And that is what makes me smile once again.

These are the images I captured for week 2 for our project 52 this year. Don't forget to check  other amazing photos shared by a bunch of talented moms of our group here.

Till then, Have a good day!

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