Monday, January 26, 2015

week 5/52 | kitchen

Ever since he watched that Dapur Bujang; a show on channel 111, his interest in cooking has become an obsession. He believed cooking is an easy and a very cool job to do like the host always do in the show. Many times too he voiced out about his ambition to be a chef one day (mind you this boy has too many ambitions depending on what is he doing at that time). I just nodded and smiled, showing my full encouragement in anything he desired to be. When he looks at me being too occupied in the kitchen, often he asked “Is there anything I can help, Mama?” Every time he request, I let him doing some simple tasks like cutting the vegetables, slicing onions, washing dishes; that kind of thing. Once in a while, when we are not in rushing mode especially on the weekends (this mama needs to learn to slow down sometimes), I allowed him to ‘play’ around in the kitchen and cook by his own – something he has enthusiastically waiting for every day! He made us banana roll for breakfast, once he baked us scones for tea and I can see his face beams with pride every time he served us the rice he cooked for dinner with his favorite omelette using his own recipe that he made for us with full of love.

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