Thursday, August 18, 2016

Timur Iman | Kuala Lumpur, Selangor Malaysia Family Photographer

"Dear Zubye, 

Browsing the internet I happened to see your blog and photos you posted there and I literaly fell in love with your photo style and the way you see people, especially kids. You do it in such a sincere, kind and good-natured way. It's really amazing. So I would be very happy if you could take some photos of my baby boy Timur end of July. He is turning one year old on July 25, so I would like to memorize this event, as this is the first anniversary for Timur and for me as a mom."

As photographer, you know how much this kind of email means to us. Knowing that at least there is someone appreciates and understands your work of art is such a humbling experience, at the same time, it keep me going everytime I know there are people with beautiful souls out there can see the passion I put in this job, and the honesty i am trying to convey in each of photograph I take.

Yes, above is a part of first email I received from Timur's mom. Immediately after I received her email, I knew that I already have a special connection with this family, which I couldn't even wait to see them personally. It is hard for me to tell in words, but people normally call it "chemistry".

Soon after I received her email, we started to keep in touch. I really love this part prior to the session when we discuss about her family, which she honestly giving me her full co-operation everytime I need to ask her about anything. She gave me full description of her family details, which I really appreciate her time in providing me such a good information about that. She even assisted in helping me to 'see' the lighting situation in their house, and gave me photos of the lighting in her house, at each corner, at different times of the day. I seriously couldn't thank her enough for this because it really helped me a lot on what to expect during the shooting when the time come. From the informations she provided me with, we decided on the timing of the shooting, and I also gave her some tips on how my usual photography session looked like.

Ok lets talk about this charming boy you can see now.

This boy is a mix of Russian and Malay. His mom is pure Russian, and his dad is from Muar Johor. He has a very unique name : Timur Iman. His mom told me that Timur is a Mongolian name, that means 'iron/strong'. Due to the Russian history, this name was adopted by Russians. And Iman; of course you know is a familiar Malay name :-). So they said, it's a win-win :-). Timur was such a joyful boy to photograph. He was a very calm and steady boy. A lot of smile and laughter I got from this boy. As you can see clearly in these photographs, Timur was very alert and interested with this big black 'gun' I hold, and everytime I picked it up,  he excitedly look directly into it, with that charming smile which can melt any heart. And sometimes, he crawled towards me, trying to touch, curious to know.. what is this black thing i'm holding. :-)

I am very thankful to be given the opportunity to meet and document this family. Specifically, I would like to express my gratitude to Timur's mom for being a very co-operative client, since day first she sent the email to me until the job was done. And not forgotten, Timur's dad for being such a sporting daddy and husband on that day, that have made everything went so natural. I'm looking forward to seeing this family again in the future insyaAllah.

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