Wednesday, February 1, 2017

{365 - one photo a day, everyday} January 2017

So, I was very tempted to do 365 project since end of last year, and honestly at first I didn't have much confident to be consistent of picking up my camera everyday. But anyhow, myself deserves a try. So I just do it! To make it more realistic to me, I narrowed the numbers down by focusing on monthly basis instead, and see how it goes from there. And hey! I did it for month one!

There are so many things to be thankful for when we wake up everyday. The main purpose I'm doing this project is for us to always count our blessings, to embrace the beauty of our perfectly imperfect life, to be grateful everyday no matter what. Sometimes, it is just a mundane ordinary moments of our daily lives which can be transformed into a piece of art, and this art soon gonna be a priceless memory for us to be remembered. My son is growing up. He is already in standard 6 this year and I know, I'm going to miss these one day.

This is glimpse of our story from the eyes of a mother.

January has been really great to us. And I hope to all of you too. 31 days in 2017 has passed so quick and I'm looking forward to what awaits us in more days to come insyaAllah. I will continue creating memories for the month of February and can't wait to start!

Till then.

Have a very good days ahead!

Oh! By the way, I'm updating the photos daily on my personal Instagram if you like to see them :-)

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