Friday, February 10, 2017

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How do I start? 

This is my family. My kids, my husband and our normal weekend routine. I love every single bit of them. The happiness, the shout, the madness, the fight! But as we know time can never remain still so do these beautiful moments. That is obviously against the rules of Allah. Who are us to deny Him? 

So I decided to let my dearly favourite photographer friend Zubye Rusli to capture us, in this. In our most natural style, the way we live our lives. So that I can preserve all these beautiful and meaningful memories through images. 

MashaAllah I am blessed to have a friend that is truly talented to produce such outcomes. These are the pictures that I want to see 30 years down the road. If Allah allows me to. And these images will surely be part of my wall.


I'm loving all of them. I feel the love, it touchs our hearts. Alhamdulillah. Thanks dear friend.

~ The Mom.

And I love this family.

So much!

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