Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Beautiful love | Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

I've been waiting for this session since our maternity photoshoot in the studio 2 months before mommy gave birth to this beautiful baby girl. I proposed a lifestyle newborn concept to them, and I couldn't be more happier when they immediately agreed with the idea. 

and the day arrived. I came to their lovely home without bringing any newborn props as i normally did for our previous newborn clients. No beanbag, basket, blankets, wraps. not at all.  Just me and my camera to document the baby and her family, just the way they are. I had so much fun photographing the baby normal daily routine in the most natural way, and how meaningful and wonderful it was to witness and to be able to document their true life; full of love, admiration and excitement they had for each other. I didn't have to wait until the baby fall asleep to photograph her perfect picture, but alhamdulillah, what I really love the most was I managed to photograph her in variety kind of expressions; not to worry if she's sleeping or with her eyes wide open, I just didn't want to miss the moments. Every moment of her newborn phase is important, as important as she is as a sweetheart of her family. The moments that mean so much and will be cherished for the rest of her life.

Dear Medina and family,

Thank you for making our dreams come true. It was an honor for me to have the chance once again to meet you and this time with your new bundle of joy, and I am truly grateful to know you and family :-)

To all viewers, may these photos bring you happiness too. Let we appreciate and treasure our time with our family more in shaa Allah.

Till next time,


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