Friday, March 28, 2008


Its been a week since the last time i update the blog..

just finish the editing .. cd burning.. printing.. album.. etc to all my clients.. phew!! quite exhausted at this time.. but syukur semuanya sudah settle :-) so.. dear beloved clients who haven't received ur cds and photos yet.. just wait ok.. will arrived soon at ur door ;-) rasanya ada 3 org je lagi kot yang sedang menunggu ehehhehe..

This explain why i've been in the silent mode lately.. i'm not trying to ignore this blog :p.. but i have to catch up very fast with all the assignments.. and thanks for the viewers who are always waiting for my new entry/post.. soon they will come ok!! i mean a lot will come ok!! BANYAK!! tak tau nak start mana dulu ni... :D

Since my son is not here with me today (or maybe till tomorrow~i'm missing him all day long) i will take this opportunity to update some of my work Insyaallah.. (itupun kalau tak tertidur kang..heheh) or provided me and hubby are not going out to watch movie tonite ;-)


Ok hari sudah mau hujan.. nak gi angkat kain di jemuran daa!!!

Till then...

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